Welcome to the Official website of artist Nate Chavez! Have a look at original works and merchandise here or at his shared studio "The Remains". Chavez is always working, so keep checking back for updates on shows and new work!

Chavez original "Trump P.O.S." Shirts are available now!!

Chavez "Trump P.O.S." t-shirt

t-shirt with the image of the Chavez original painting "Trump P.O.S."

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                    The Remains Studio

Owned by Nate Chavez and Nic Vik

THE REMAINS is an open studio that invites you to take a look around while the artists are working. Hours can vary, but usually the studio is open daily during the afternoon and evening. The Remains is Located behind Full Sail Brewery down by the tracks in the old Union building. 500 Industrial Ave. To schedule an appointment for a private viewing of the work at a convenient time for you, call 541 806 2621



Click "The Remains Mural Project" to donate to the cause!!

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