Chavez is an artist who expresses emotion and personal experiences through his work. Coming from a family of creative beings, he has always been surrounded by art in one form or another. Woodcarving, music, drawing, writing, acting and storytelling are forms of artistic expression that were prevalent in his upbringing. He learned at an early age that being creative and expressing through art is the only way to satisfy his soul.


The subject matter of Chavez's work is often based on darker elements of his own life and of people he has known. Addiction, loss, sadness, feelings of confusion and frustration are a part of life that many try to hide or be rid of. Chavez chooses to channel these feelings and express them through drawing and painting. Chavez art is often very raw and spontaneous coming from pure emotion or vivid memories. These feelings and memories are a part of his being and he chooses to express and share them through his art.




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